Single on Valentine’s Day

Last Tuesday was Valentine’s Day; the annual celebration of love and romance. The next day (February 15th) is recognized as Single Awareness Day; the fateful day for singles to lament the fact that they spent February 14 alone.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is nothing new for me (I’ve been single for 23 Valentine’s days in a row 🙂 ) so I do not feel despair or a distaste for the Hallmark holiday. This year I consider the fact that I spent Valentine’s Day without a Valentine and I actually feel… happy. Continue reading


7. Josiah


Our family, and my life, wouldn’t be complete without you. That’s why I’m so ashamed that I was disappointed when you were born. It wasn’t that I didn’t want another sibling, I was just expecting you to be a girl. There aren’t any words to describe the love and pride I felt when I first saw you though, knowing I was your big sister. God knew what I needed and I’m grateful His ways are not our ways. Continue reading