13. Promise/Purity Ring

Some people don’t see the point in wearing a promise or purity ring. Many claim that they do not work.

I totally agree. Continue reading


3. My Mommy


What can I say about the woman who has dedicated her life to motherhood? Anything I say will never seem enough.

Thank you for giving birth to me and being patient with a stubborn baby. Maybe I never wanted to sleep in my crib or drink from a bottle because I loved you so much and never wanted to be away from you. 😀 Continue reading

2. My Daddy

Dear Daddy,

If someone asked me to think of an object to describe you, I’d choose ‘rock’. You are strong and sure in your convictions and are not easily moved. You are a comfort to me when I am weary of the journey and need encouragement or rest. You don’t care what others think of you if you know you are doing the right thing. Continue reading