To all the Guinea Pigs

This is for all of you guinea pigs, the test rats, the ones who clear the path, the ones who were the first to brave the womb.

This is for all of you first borns. Continue reading


14. Extended Family

Uncles, aunties, cousins, granddad and his wife, great-aunts, great uncles, etc.

I have a pretty big extended family. I’m not close to all of them but I have some great memories with most of them. I might not see eye-to-eye with some of them on different issues, but I know that God gave me the best family for me. I know that they love me and I love them. We are family and that is what matters. For that I am thankful.

12. Happy Childhood Memories

I am truly blessed to say that I had a happy childhood. It makes me so sad when I hear of people who can only think of a few happy memories of when they were a child. My parents made sure my siblings and I had many enjoyable experiences to reminisce about when we are older .

Whether they are big memories, like the two trips we made to Disney World, or small memories, like using Wal-Mart bags to skate down the plastic covered hallway 🙂 , I have a myriad of great childhood experiences to take with me when I leave home. I can only hope that I can give my own children the same great memories of enjoying being together as a family. 😀

11. Homeschooling

I am so thankful that in 2002, God called my mom to take Arianna and me out of school to homeschool us. I am even more thankful that she answered the call. Things have been tough at times but I believe the benefits of homeschooling are worth the tough times. Continue reading

10. Grandma Ava

I wouldn’t be surprised if I searched for ‘selfless’ in the dictionary and found your name listed there. You were always caring for anyone who needed it. Whether it was your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, you were always thinking of someone else. Continue reading

9. Grandma Helen

Grandma Helen,

I never actually met you since you died before I was born. But you have still been an instrumental part of my life. You birthed my mom. You named me. My name probably wouldn’t be La’Tia if it wasn’t for you. I wish I could ask you why you chose that name. Did you just like the way it sounded or did you think being ‘the aunt’ would be important to my life. Continue reading

8. Jhaniyah

The baby of the family. The girl I prayed we’d have. You obviously knew how much I wanted another little sister because you made me work hard those first few years. I still remember those feedings that went on and on because you refused to open your mouth or wake up to eat. Many nights your crying would wake me up and I’d dive out of bed to comfort you. You hated being alone so I expected things to get better when our parents moved your crib into the room Arianna and I shared. However, being in our room wasn’t enough for you. You’d wake up crying almost every night so I’d get up to quiet you. Continue reading