7. Josiah


Our family, and my life, wouldn’t be complete without you. That’s why I’m so ashamed that I was disappointed when you were born. It wasn’t that I didn’t want another sibling, I was just expecting you to be a girl. There aren’t any words to describe the love and pride I felt when I first saw you though, knowing I was your big sister. God knew what I needed and I’m grateful His ways are not our ways. Continue reading


6. Aaron

The one who knows how to push all my buttons. 🙂

You don’t just know how to push them, you grind them in, testing just how far they can go. I spend a lot of time annoyed with you but I’ll let you in on a little secret. The things about you that annoy me the most are the one’s that remind me of…myself. You are always asking me questions, doubting everything I say; I’m the same way sometimes. You speed through your chores, schoolwork, everything, trying to be the first one finished; I was that way too. You are a know-it-all and can’t be wrong; don’t like to admit it but so am I. Continue reading

5. Demetrus II


My first brother. Do you know how much I prayed for you? Every night after Mommy and Daddy told Arianna and I we were going to have another sibling, we included you in our bedtime prayers. We were so happy when you were born and we had the baby brother that we wanted. I felt 6 feet tall wearing my “I’m a big sister” pin with your footprint to school. Continue reading