This Is 23

Three weeks ago, I turned 23.

I’m officially the same age my parents were when I was born.

If you would have asked 13 year-old me what life would look like in 10 years, I would have described an existence where I am married with two or three kids and a New York Time bestselling author with a chance that one of my books would be made into a movie.

My 13 year-old self was really ambitious.

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20 years, 20 Blessings

One rainy Sunday morning an expectant mother in labor was rushed to the hospital. The father-to-be drove as his mother coaxed the woman in breathing through the contractions. The car blew a tire on the slick roads but he kept driving. At the hospital, the mother-in-law rushed the expectant mother inside as her son changed the flat tire in the rain. Doctors and nurses rushed around. The woman was so far into labor, she didn’t have any time to change into a hospital gown. The joyful mother-in-law cheered with every push, excited to be witnessing a birth. The father rushed in, wet from the rain, and not a moment too soon. The baby slid out and announced her arrival with a strong cry.

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Birthday Traditions

Whew! This month has been busy. In our house, October is known as our birthday month. We have three birthdays during the last three weeks of October. My youngest sister’s birthday, followed by the birthday of my first brother six days later, and ending with my birthday 11 days after that. It doesn’t stop in October however, because my father’s is in November, less than two weeks after mine. The last birthday of the year is my middle brother’s in the beginning of December. We’ve made it through the first two birthdays so far. Continue reading