He Loves You and He Made You for a Purpose

Last week was a busy one for me. I worked at the country club, movie theater, or both every single day. Tuesday through Thursday I worked from 8am through 3pm at the club and then 5pm to 11pm at the theater.

I had just enough time between jobs to go home, change clothes, eat, and maybe grab a 15-30 minute nap. I left in the morning when most of my family was just waking up and came home for the night when they were getting ready for bed. It was pretty rough.

On top of that schedule, I was suffering from PMS so my emotions were all over the place. I could go from being angry and irritated to tearing up in seconds. One customer at the theater was telling me about her cute new puppy and my eyes started filling up with tears. Good thing we weren’t talking about a human baby or I definitely would have lost it.

On Wednesday I served two particular customers that I won’t soon forget.

A mother and her young daughter practically skipped up to the counter squealing how excited they were. They instantly turned my “customer smile” into a real one as I sold them popcorn, drinks, and tickets to Trolls. The mother told me I had a beautiful smile and to have a blessed day as I handed her the popcorn.

I didn’t think much of them as the day went on until I passed them as they were leaving and asked if they had enjoyed the movie. The mother assured me that it was really cute and wished me a happy Thanksgiving as they walked away. I resumed my sweeping in front of the drink machines until I saw them coming back toward the counter out of the corner of my eye. I figured they had forgotten something or needed to buy something else so I hurried to my register. I waited but didn’t see them come up after a few minutes. I shrugged and grabbed my broom to finish sweeping when I almost ran into the mom and daughter outside of the door.

“I was going to write this down but when I passed you just now I felt God put it on my heart to tell you something,” the mother told me. “He told me to tell you that He loves you and He made you for a purpose.”

I smiled and thanked them but struggled to keep it together on the inside. Her words could not have come at a more perfect time. My constant running around hadn’t left much time to read my Bible or spend some much needed alone time with God and I was feeling the void. I am so thankful that He chose someone willing to listen and obey Him to tell me what I needed to hear most at that time.

His words through that mother helped me get through my busy Thanksgiving day even though I was only able to spend a few minutes of it with my family. I was able to keep smiling, serving customers, and joking with coworkers even though I felt like crying from how homesick I felt.

I hope those words can help someone else as we enter this holiday season which is not always as cheery for some people as it is for most. Whenever you feel like you have had enough of it all just remember that God loves you and He made you for a purpose.



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