New Poetry Blog

I wanted to share my poems so I added another page here and posted them but that didn’t seem to work out. They were only accessible in the drop-down menu and I realized it would become to crowded if  I were to add more. Therefore, I created a new blog where I can post my poems and poems by other authors that inspire me.

You can visit that blog through this link:

I would love for all of you to follow me to ‘A Private Affair’, so named because the act of writing poetry is (I think) one the most intimate types of writing. You can learn more about it when you visit the blog. I’ll post to that blog pretty often this month because I’m uploading my current poems but will slow down come November. I only plan to post as often as I write a new poem or find one that inspires me. I’m not abandoning this blog though! I’m just using ‘A Private Affair’ as another outlet.

I hope you go visit my new blog. I would love to see you there!




P.S.  As I post my poems on the new blog they will start to disappear from ‘Captive Thoughts’ so don’t worry! You will be able to access them on the new blog.