15. Two Influential Teachers

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  ~Henry Brooks Adams

God blessed me with two amazing teachers growing up. They not only taught me academics, but they also encouraged me in my relationship with Christ. It is not often that you experience two phenomenal teachers in one lifetime.

Mrs. Patterson was my first grade teacher. Every morning she wrote a Bible verse on the chalkboard for us to copy in our notebooks and memorize. I can still hear the class reciting Psalm 100 or John 3:14-17. At the end of every school day, Mrs. Patterson would explain salvation and ask if anyone wanted to make sure they understood. Then she would take the child who raised their hand into the corner of the room and lead them to Christ.

I accepted Christ at home early in the school year, so I never raised my hand to hear more about salvation. I remember her talking to my dad when he dropped me off, asking if I understood what it meant. He assured her that I did and had chosen to follow Christ at home. Even though I went to a private Christian school, I have not seen a teacher so bold in her faith or with such a burden for the salvation of her students. Any Bible question I had, she would answer as best she could. If she wasn’t sure how to answer my question, she would tell my dad when he dropped me off or picked me up and they would explain it together. My only regret is being too young to appreciate such a teacher and make an effort to stay in touch.

Mrs. Dawn was my English/Literature teacher in the 11th grade. She forever changed the way I read books. No longer can I simply pick up a book and leisurely read it. Now I have analyze it. Not just from a literary view but from a Biblical one as well. Therefore, there are many popular books I cannot enjoy but I do not consider that a bad thing.

Mrs. Dawn enjoyed teaching and she loved her class. She encouraged us to form relationships and wanted us to become a “family”. To this day, her class was the best class experience I have ever had. She desired for us to read our Bibles and strengthen our faith. She genuinely cared about us and wanted to be a part of our lives. Thankfully, I still keep in touch with her. If I had to choose a favorite teacher, it would be her. It is truly a blessing to find a teacher that you can also call your friend.


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