13. Promise/Purity Ring

Some people don’t see the point in wearing a promise or purity ring. Many claim that they do not work.

I totally agree.

Promise/Purity rings don’t work. They don’t do anything. They are not a magical token that ensures you stay a virgin until you are married. They don’t wish away temptations or desires you shouldn’t pursue. If someone wears a promise/purity ring and strays from his or her commitment, it has nothing to do with the ring.

My parents gave me a promise ring on my 13th birthday to encourage me to stay pure until marriage. My accepting it was me promising to keep myself physically, emotionally, and mentally pure so I could honor my God, my parents, and my future husband. I didn’t fully understand what that meant at the time but am glad they had the wisdom to instill something so powerful and important in me at a young age. I knew early on all what my parents expected and hoped for me. I also understood that my parents had made mistakes and wanted my siblings and I to do better.

I am 20 years old now and I know that to stay committed to the promise I made when accepting this ring, I have to choose to commit to it myself every single day. My parents cannot make me stay pure until marriage any more than they can reserve me a place in Heaven. (Thankfully, they don’t have to 🙂 )

As a family, we have decided to trade worldly relationships driven by physical attraction and meaningless fun for God-honoring relationships with a purpose. Whether that purpose be friendship or marriage, I have the support and guidance of my parents to help me maneuver the crazy world of love.

I am blessed my parents entrusted me with such a responsibility, raising the bar society sets for me. My prayer is that I continue to commit myself to the purpose of this ring and can pass on a legacy of purity to my children and future generations.


3 thoughts on “13. Promise/Purity Ring

  1. Stay the course!

    I agree with everything you wrote. In 1996 i received my purity bracelet through a True Love Waits campaign. Over three years ago I was able to cut it off and give it to my wife at our wedding altar in front of our families and friends. It was a special moment. You can see the video of me giving the bracelet to my wife on my blog if you are interested.

    My advice to you–Don’t Settle and stay the course.


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