10. Grandma Ava

I wouldn’t be surprised if I searched for ‘selfless’ in the dictionary and found your name listed there. You were always caring for anyone who needed it. Whether it was your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, you were always thinking of someone else.

Arianna and I loved spending summers at your house, not just because of all the food you gave us that our parents wouldn’t normally buy :), but because of the time we spent with you. We all slept in your bed most nights after watching the latest Disney Channel movie that aired. You taught me to make tomato soup from a can (the secret ingredient was always a bit of sugar) and how to make regular Cheerios a treat by adding honey (lots of it!). I’m pretty sure you are the one I can blame (or thank 😉 ) for my ever-present sweet tooth.

A lot of the times I remember spending with you happened when you were sewing. I loved watching you make outfits and dresses for people, you could make anything. I loved when you made Arianna and me new clothes. We were always excited to receive a new dress every Easter. You bought us kiddie sewing machines and helped us make clothes for our dolls. Those introductions to the sewing world sparked my interest that continues today.

I didn’t know what cancer was when you were diagnosed with breast cancer so I didn’t feel afraid. How could I when you didn’t seem worried? I remember helping you figure out ways to shower after your mastectomy without wetting the wound. Plastic bags work wonders don’t they? 🙂

We had so many plans for the future. You were going to move down here with us and we’d visit you every day. When I got married, you would make my wedding dress. I know that if you had still been alive when Arianna and I went to prom, you would have made us the most beautiful dresses.

I still cry sometimes when I think about you. More so for the great times we had then for the future we lost. I wish you were still here but I’m grateful to have had eleven years with the best grandma in the world.


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