9. Grandma Helen

Grandma Helen,

I never actually met you since you died before I was born. But you have still been an instrumental part of my life. You birthed my mom. You named me. My name probably wouldn’t be La’Tia if it wasn’t for you. I wish I could ask you why you chose that name. Did you just like the way it sounded or did you think being ‘the aunt’ would be important to my life.

My mom says when I was a baby I’d look up into lamps and start babbling and laughing. She couldn’t explain my strange behavior but Grandma Ava told her I was talking to you. I wish I could remember that so I would know if that was true. I would have loved to get to know you better and hear stories from your childhood. For now I can just imagine what you were like. I’ll know some day when I meet you in Heaven.

With Love, La’Tia


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