8. Jhaniyah

The baby of the family. The girl I prayed we’d have. You obviously knew how much I wanted another little sister because you made me work hard those first few years. I still remember those feedings that went on and on because you refused to open your mouth or wake up to eat. Many nights your crying would wake me up and I’d dive out of bed to comfort you. You hated being alone so I expected things to get better when our parents moved your crib into the room Arianna and I shared. However, being in our room wasn’t enough for you. You’d wake up crying almost every night so I’d get up to quiet you. The second I reached your crib, you’d cling to me, wrapping your monkey-like legs around me in a death-grip. You spent most of your nights in my bed pressed up against me, no matter how many times I tried to move away.

Now even though you’ve grown (has it been 7 years already?) I can still see some of those baby tendencies in you. You still don’t like being alone and are a picky-eater. Surprisingly, you’re Arianna’s clone so we don’t have too many things in common. Although I don’t paint your nails, do your hair, or take endless selfies with you, know that I love you. I enjoy showing you how to make crafts and am excited for all the things we can do together to earn your American Heritage Girl badges. I enjoy teaching you Latin and am happy for your eagerness to learn. You remind me of myself when you get excited seeing the 100% on all your tests. (Proud of you!)

So even when you are in one of your moods or we’re bothering each other like 1st and last borns often do, remember that I love you and there is nothing in this world that could take that away. Our family is blessed to have you in it. You might be the last one, but you are certainly not the least. I love you Niyah! 🙂


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