7. Josiah


Our family, and my life, wouldn’t be complete without you. That’s why I’m so ashamed that I was disappointed when you were born. It wasn’t that I didn’t want another sibling, I was just expecting you to be a girl. There aren’t any words to describe the love and pride I felt when I first saw you though, knowing I was your big sister. God knew what I needed and I’m grateful His ways are not our ways.

I love ‘bonding’ with you during our wrestling matches. Even though you always lose, I admire your perseverance (or foolishness, I’m not sure which 🙂 ). I enjoy talking with you for hours about movies and superheroes and can’t wait for the day when you’ll be old enough to watch all them with me. (Marvel movie marathon, anyone? 🙂 )

Like Stark & Rhodey, Rodgers & Bucky, and Clint & Natasha, we might get on each others nerves, but we make a great team. Love you dude!


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