6. Aaron

The one who knows how to push all my buttons. 🙂

You don’t just know how to push them, you grind them in, testing just how far they can go. I spend a lot of time annoyed with you but I’ll let you in on a little secret. The things about you that annoy me the most are the one’s that remind me of…myself. You are always asking me questions, doubting everything I say; I’m the same way sometimes. You speed through your chores, schoolwork, everything, trying to be the first one finished; I was that way too. You are a know-it-all and can’t be wrong; don’t like to admit it but so am I.

Although I can’t remember when you were born (sorry!) I do remember when Mommy and Daddy told us you were on the way. I cheered for joy along with Arianna and Shannon in the car. If ‘D’ had been old enough to understand, I’m sure he would have cheered too.

I’ll admit that I’ve always been jealous of you. You broke my record for the heaviest baby in the family and since you looked just like him and refused to leave his side, you stole my place next to Daddy. 🙂 You always had an attitude like you didn’t care but as you get older, I’m starting to see how sensitive you really are. I’m sorry for the hurtful things I might have said or done; I wouldn’t have if I knew how much they bothered you. If I’m too hard on you it’s because you are a lot like me and I don’t want you to make some of the same mistakes I did.

We might butt heads now and then but I know that if I want something done quickly, I can call you. And if I need help remembering something I can count on you to remind me every hour. Here’s to almost 13 years of a love-to-annoy-each-other relationship. 🙂 Love you Aaron.


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