5. Demetrus II


My first brother. Do you know how much I prayed for you? Every night after Mommy and Daddy told Arianna and I we were going to have another sibling, we included you in our bedtime prayers. We were so happy when you were born and we had the baby brother that we wanted. I felt 6 feet tall wearing my “I’m a big sister” pin with your footprint to school.

As you grew, Arianna and I loved dressing you up in tutus and jewelry but you never complained. Always there to make us laugh or smile even when you were suffering from allergies or asthma.

You were always quiet and shy and even now it’s hard to know what you’re thinking most of the time. Although I might tease you for being too quiet or slow to speak, I know your mind is always working furiously behind that reserved face. You want to make sure you always say or do the right thing so if you can’t or don’t know what the right thing is, you say nothing at all.

Fourteen and growing quickly. If I tease you a lot, it’s only because I know I have a limited time to do so. Before long you’ll be a man and I won’t be able tease you. I’m both looking forward to and dreading that day because although I can’t wait to see the man you become, I don’t want to lose my ‘Little D’. Love you buddy!


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