4. Arianna

My sister, my confidante, my partner in crime, my best friend. The baby sister my parents gave me so I wouldn’t be lonely. The one that my 18 month old self swore to protect. No one could harm you (or hold you ūüôā ) as long as I was around.

I still do feel the need to protect you. If anyone dares to mess with you, they should be prepared to face my wrath. Whenever you are hurt, I feel it too. Although¬†I might run away from or ignore your constant displays of affection, I really do appreciate them. I look forward to the times you come into my room to complain, tell me something important (or not), or only to bother me (although I might be annoyed at the time ūüôā ). If something happened to you, I don’t know how I would live with myself. You have always been there for me.

Hopefully, I’ve redeemed myself from the years of¬†older sister syndrome¬†when I refused to play with you unless you were the man or the times that we only watched the movies that I liked. Why do you think I offer to¬†dance the male part when we’re together (it isn’t just because you can’t do it to save your¬†life ūüôā )¬†or I try to make you choose what we watch on Friday nights?

Whether it’s catching up on Once Upon a Time, having a High School Musical marathon, or just talking, I love spending time with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister but I didn’t have to ask; God¬†knew exactly what I needed. Even when I’m teasing you about being too optimistic¬†or skinny and you’re making fun of the way I pronounce words or calling me ‘orange’ or¬†‘yellow’, we¬†both know it’s all in the name of love. You are the one who will read everything I write and help me make it better; no¬†matter how crazy¬†(and occasionally morbid) it is. I¬†know I don’t tell you enough (or return all your hugs) but I truly love you and will¬†forever and always.


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