2. My Daddy

Dear Daddy,

If someone asked me to think of an object to describe you, I’d choose ‘rock’. You are strong and sure in your convictions and are not easily moved. You are a comfort to me when I am weary of the journey and need encouragement or rest. You don’t care what others think of you if you know you are doing the right thing.

My earliest memory is of waking up from a nap and going to find you. You picked me up and held me in your lap as you fastened the Velcro on my ‘ABC’ house shoes.

Whenever you prayed, you prayed with such conviction and adoration that I just knew God heard and would answer every prayer. I was sure you had the whole Bible memorized and knew everything there was to know about God. I was always in awe of the man who lifted his hands, tears streaming down his face during worship. Once a kid from my Sunday School class pointed and laughed but I wasn’t embarrassed. I stared him down until he squirmed and looked away. I wouldn’t let anyone make fun or talk bad about you. I was always proud when people referred to me as a “daddy’s girl”. It felt like the greatest honor.

Thank you for leading me to Christ 13 years ago. I am so grateful you were patient enough to answer all my questions and illustrate them on that Wendy’s napkin at the kitchen table. You were the reason I desired to know God so much. I wanted a faith and relationship with Him like yours. You don’t know how proud I was when I was able to stump you with a Bible question. 🙂

I am so grateful for your example and encouragement in strengthening my relationship with Christ. I Love you Daddy, and I’ll always be your little peanut. 🙂


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