Birthday Traditions

Whew! This month has been busy. In our house, October is known as our birthday month. We have three birthdays during the last three weeks of October. My youngest sister’s birthday, followed by the birthday of my first brother six days later, and ending with my birthday 11 days after that. It doesn’t stop in October however, because my father’s is in November, less than two weeks after mine. The last birthday of the year is my middle brother’s in the beginning of December. We’ve made it through the first two birthdays so far.

We’ve had many birthday traditions over the years. When me and my closest sister were younger, we had plenty of birthday parties. I can remember a Wizard of Oz party when I turned 5, a bowling party at 7, and a backwards party for my 9th birthday. As our family grew, it became time-consuming and expensive to have the traditional themed birthday party with friends. so instead of parties we often celebrated with small family affairs; going out to eat or eating the honoree’s favorite meal at home, and ending the night by giving them gifts. Some time ago, my mom made our birthdays even more special. When we woke up on the morning of our birthday, we had a surprise waiting for us. She would decorate the kitchen like a birthday party; balloons and streamers everywhere, matching paper products, and the occasional small toy as a party favor.

She did this for all seven of our birthdays. That’s a lot for one person to do alone. This year she decided to make some changes. She had every family member pick a piece of paper that contained the name of another family member so they could decorate for that person’s birthday. We would have to pay attention to our chosen person and determine what colors or theme would best suit them when the time came. My mom would aid the decorator in finding the right decorations and help the little ones with their birthday people. When we drew names, I picked the slip of paper with my youngest sister’s name on it. So, about two weeks ago, I decorated the kitchen like this for her.

Niyah 7th Birthday Decorations

She turned seven and we celebrated with Disney’s The Princess and the Frog decorations. My mom ordered them online and I set them up the night before my sister’s birthday. I had lots of fun making the kitchen look festive for her and enjoyed the opportunity to make her feel special. I like this tradition because it adds to the anticipation and excitement of the birthday because you are looking forward to seeing how the birthday boy/girl likes the decorations you picked out and/or set up. This tradition will create great birthday memories for the younger ones as they get older. Kudos to a creative mom who loves her kids and is always looking for ways to make them feel special. Love you Mommy!


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